Entry Details

Community groups, schools, sports groups, businesses, and volunteer organizations are invited to submit applications to enter floats, marching bands, walking groups or mascots for the SantaFest parade.

The details below are presented as guidelines to ensure our event runs safely and the goal of bringing smiles and joy to the children of our community is accomplished. SantaFest reserves the right to disqualify any entry, which is considered contrary to our mission statement.


Mandatory Orientation Information

  • All entries must attend ONE orientation session to further discuss and obtain logistics instructions for Parade Day.
  • Please choose one of the available dates, and RSVP to info@santafestinmaple.com:
    • 2017 dates will be available shortly. 

Program Details

Float Entry Guidelines

      • All floats must be in their assigned position no later than 9:00 am. Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate.
      • Float construction must be completed by 9:00am, Sunday Morning. However, you may decorate until 11am.
      • Float inspections with Fire Inspector will commence at 11:30am on parade day. One senior member of the entry must be at their float.
      • All vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the parade. Special attention should be given to cooling, exhaust systems,brakes, steering, tires and fuel
      • All entries must ensure they have proper insurance coverage. Contact your insurance company for information regarding correct coverage
      • Float drivers shall obey marshal directions at all times
      • Participants must arrange for their own float equipment, building, taking down and disposing of float materials.
      • No entry may depict Santa’s float, Santa Claus and/or Mrs. Claus or any part thereof (feet, beard, arms, etc.).
      • All floats must have skirts covering the tires
      • All floats must contain guardrails or another form of barrier to keep riders safe while float is moving. Minimum Required height 42″
      • No open fires are allowed and all generators must be located in a safe area on the float away from hay and other flammable materials
      • All floats with operating generators must have a Fire Extinguisher (full tank and updated inspection). Fire Inspectors will ask to see each Extinguisher.
      • Entries shall not exceed 12’6″ in height.
      • An adult, over 18 years of age, must accompany children under 12 years of age,at a ratio of not less than 5 to 1
      • Sponsor banners are to be displayed on float only and must be approved bySantaFest committee
      • No jumping on or off the float once the parade has started
      • No handing out or throwing goodies, flyers, coupons, etc. from the float – We would like to avoid any confrontations in front of spectators.
      • No stopping unless directed by a Parade Route Marshal
      • Festive music would be appreciated for all parade floats/marching group entries
      • Only participants, including drivers, who have submitted signed waivers, will be allowed to participate.
      • Each parade entry must provide their own Float Leader and Marshal
      • Float Marshals and Float Representatives must attend one orientation session(dates will be communicated by committee approximatelytwo weeks before the parade date.
      • All floats will be examined, and floats not in compliance will be removed. The parade manager’s decisions are final


Float Entry Marshal Responsibilities

      • Must ensure SAFETY FIRST!
      • Must be committed to attend event and is responsible for the safety of each member in/on the float
      • Must arrive at Canada’s Wonderland by 12:30 pm, However, we suggest coming early to avoid any delays.
      • Dress appropriately for the weather
      • Must be 18 yrs. or older
      • Pick up Vest & Candy Cane # stick at Registration & Information Service Booth at Canada’s Wonderland
      • Wear a Marshal’s vest and carry a sign identifying the float entry number
      • Guide and walk in front of float – Stay in sight of Driver View
      • Ensure participants remain on floats during parade
      • Stop any spectator from walking up to the float during the parade
      • Turn in Vests and Candy Cane # Stick at City Hall ( end of parade)
      • Assist with the loading and unloading of participants at the City Hall
      • Must also complete and sign waivers
      • Take instructions from SantaFest Committee Route Marshals positioned along the route


Parade Entry Leaders Responsibilities

      • Must ensure SAFETY FIRST!
      • Communicate all necessary information to entry participants
      • Obtain signed waivers for all entry participants will not be allowed to participate, if waiver is not on file
      • To ensure the proper 5:1 ratio of children to adults is met
      • To make arrangements to disassemble floats
      • Responsible for all participants, especially children. Must stay with children until picked up by parent or guardian
      • Float leaders must attend orientation approximately two weeks before the parade date.


Youth Volunteers

      • Must ensure SAFETY FIRST!
      • Must be committed to attend event
      • Must arrive at Canada’s Wonderland no later than 12:00 pm and report to the Information/ Registration Booth for Volunteer Hours and Waivers – Waivers must be signed by a parent for those under 18 years old. – We will not be calling Parents on the day of the Parade to verify consent.
      • Youth Volunteers will be given responsibilities
      • Dress appropriately for the weather
      • Take instructions from SantaFest Committee members positioned along the route


Walking Groups, Bands, Mascots

      • Must ensure SAFETY FIRST!
      • Must be in assigned area no later than 12:30 pm
      • Dress appropriately for the weather
      • No entry may depict Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus
      • No stopping unless directed by a parade Marshal
      • All Mascots wearing costumes must be partnered with one walking person and must have clear sight vision.
      • Must also complete and sign waivers
      • Responsible for own travel arrangements


Event Day Instructions

      • No material, including candy, shall be thrown from any entry. It must be distributed by hand along the parade route.
      • No stopping unless directed by a parade marshal.
      • All participants must remain on float during the parade.



    • All applications are to be completed by the October 21st, 2017 deadline and accompanied with a $250 (minimum) entry fee plus a $100 administration fee. Please note, administration fees will be waived if registered before September 30th.
    • Non-profit organizations can apply to have all fees waived.